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Reserved for private lessons

The perfect way to learn at your own speed, you can either work on your individual technique for individual dances for exams or competitions or work on all general ballroom and Latin dances or something for a specific occasion, say a function, cruise or a wedding. We can put you in touch with a teacher to provide private lessons in Ballroom, Latin American, Disco, Salsa, Argentine Tango during these Saturday, mid week daytime and limited evening slots. Modern, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, ISTD Teacher Training, are also available just during daytime midweek or some Sundays. Wedding Couples first dance choreography lessons available if you want to learn something not listed here still give us a call. You'll be surprised what we have been asked to teach in the past!


There are some evening spaces used for booking private lessons and other spaces also available during the day time Monday to Friday before 3.30pm and Saturday 9.00-5.00pm, all booked through your teacher. If you're interested in booking a private lesson and have not had one before, give us a call and we will arrange for a teacher to phone you. we require at least 24 hours for cancellations.


Please remember you are booking to have private lesson with a teacher and that sometimes there are other teachers using the studio who are also having a lesson. If you require to have your lesson with no other teachers on the floor then an additional surcharge may apply. It may not be possible to accommodate such an arrangement, it does depend on bookings, just ask your teacher.



Ballroom/Latin Improver's, Intermediate and Advanced Social Evenings

These are fun hobby classes and a great way to make new friends, keep fit and healthy, as well as learning something new! You do not need a partner to attend, for those who wish to take exams or compete too, we recommend private lessons in addition to the social group classes.



The Tuesday "Improvers" class has now merged with the experienced class. is the next step on, covering Bronze figures in simple routines with a short practice, and is a slightly faster pace of class .



All classes teach a dance routine for 3 weeks at a time, before alternating to a different dance, for instance Rumba for three weeks, then Waltz for three weeks, etc, alternating between a Ballroom and a Latin dance. Please call to know which week we are on, for Beginners and Beginners plus we recommend starting week 1 of a new dance. (NB no classes on Monday Bank Holidays) Dress code is smart casual, ballroom and latin footwear is recommended for Improvers onwards.


Adult Ballet

For the adult who is looking for a different kind of exercise, we have an adult Ballet class. The beginners/improver's class will take you through the basics of Ballet and build on the technique as the weeks progress (45 minute class). You will be learning Ballet steps from the exercises at the barre and centre work including port de bras (arm movements), Adage (slow movements) with some Allegro (jumping movements).
If you wish to take exams additional private lessons would be required (please see your teacher). Our adult classes are also given the opportunity to perform in our Christmas show, should all members of the class agree. Don't panic, it's not compulsory! Please wear dance wear such as leggings or ballet tights and leotard possibly with ballet skirt or sports top. With soft leather or canvas ballet shoes with elastics sewn on (we do sell ballet shoes here, please call to check if we have your size as we can order shoes for you)

The Class is held in The Fosse Studio one of our Upstairs studios with sprung beech floor and barres, your teacher is Georgia.





Salsa and Argentine Tango



Not running at the moment, please call to register interest. Private Lessons available.

Salsa - If you have seen " Cuban Fury " you'll know Salsa is from Cuba and is a fun Latin partner dance. There are many styles of Salsa, from Cuban, LA, Puerto Rican to New York and even circular rueda versions. We will take you through the basics in a 6 week progressive beginners course and have you spinning and twirling to those wonderful Latin rhythms, just like you were in Havana!

Argentine Tango - Argentine Tango is from, as you guessed it, Buenos Aires in Argentina. A Latin partner dance, we again will teach you all the basics, from Salidas, Ochos and Ganchos, to the more elaborate embellishments and moves like heroes.


Do you need a partner to join the class?

Well it is preferable to come along with a friend, but plenty of singles start the class and if we happen to have odd numbers one week then the teacher or assistant may be able to dance with you instead.

We are asked all the time "what do we wear?"

The answer is anything comfortable (smart/casual) that you can move in e.g. jeans and a top/shirt, will be fine. All we ask is that the ladies wear a shoe with a slight heel that will stay on their foot and that gentlemen wear normal outdoor shoes with as thin a sole as possible. NB Trainers are not suitable as they restrict your movement and can be too sticky on the maple floor. We do sell shoes if interested please ask at reception.





Wedding Dances and Choreography

We can provide wedding choreography and tuition for your special day, even if you are a non dancer, all choreographed to your own choice of music or alternatively we can suggest a song.

(music compilations and cutting of tracks can also be arranged )

We suggest that you start private lessons at least 8-12 weeks before your big day, so that nearer the time when your schedule gets busier all you need are a few top-up lessons. Dances can be to any musical style, traditional waltz, or foxtrot, or a more modern or even a slightly surprising choice for a more comedic routine! Just let us know what you would like to do.

24 hours notice of cancellation needed for all private lessons.

Please call to book a lesson (NB evening slots and weekends get very busy during wedding season!)




Adult Ballroom and Latin Beginners


Have you watched "Strictly Come Dancing" and felt inspired to dance? Ballroom dancing is a great way to meet new friends, have fun and keep the mind and body fit too!

The Friday "Total Beginners" class is specifically aimed at complete beginners or anyone wanting to refresh their basic figures in Ballroom and Latin American dancing. You are not tied to a specific number of weeks to learn the basics. You can join at any point in the year as we start a new dance every 3 weeks. It is a progressive class which adds figures to each of the dances at an easy pace, waltz, quickstep, tango, social foxtrot, Chacha, rumba, jive, salsa and others. When you and the teacher feel happy that you have the basic knowledge and want to move on, then you could try our other classes on Tuesdays and add further figures to your repertoire at a slightly faster speed.

You don't need a partner to come along but if you can persuade your partner, we guarantee they will have a good time too. Latin and Ballroom dances are couple dances so we will partner people up for the class or you may get to dance with one of the teachers. Dress code is anything smart/casual e.g. Jeans and top/shirt. or shoes, ladies please wear a heeled shoe which stays on your foot (not a metal tipped heel) and gents an outdoor shoe with a thin sole, definitely NOT TRAINERS! If you decide you want to take your dancing more seriously we also sell dance shoes, please enquire for details.

You can join at any time but best if it coincides with the start of a new dance, so please call to check whether we are on week 1, 2 or 3 of the dance.





Adult Line Dancing


This class is Fridays and most suitable if you have at least done a little line dancing before. We will revise the classic Country 'n Western line dances that started the whole line dance craze off, as well as learning a new line dance all with one of the foremost teachers in the field of line dancing. It's suitable for seasoned line dancers.

This class is a two hour session and is £8.00 per person.

Your teacher is Charles.






Adult Tap

Adult tap classes are available at two levels, Beginners and Experienced.

All Adult tap classes are on Thursday evenings and are a great fun way to keep fit and meet new friends.
The classes are built on free work, to build on technique, warm-ups, close-work, traveling and time-steps and usually the latter part of the class we work on a dance routine which is added to each week. Usually the class take part in our Christmas show ( see your teacher for details) but don't panic, you don't have too!

Please wear comfortable clothes suitable for dancing e.g. jazz pants or track suit bottoms and t-shirt /sports type top, with tap shoes (we do sell dance shoes, please ask your teacher for details) low heeled tap shoes are advised.


The classes are held in the Astaire studio downstairs at our studios






Pilates is a form of exercise which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and postural awareness.

Pilates exercise is predominantly floor based, and class members find that they become stronger, leaner, and more able to move with grace and ease. It's a great compliment to dance classes as your posture and strength improves, and it is also very beneficial for those suffering from back or postural problems.

We do have some mats but these are limited, so please call or bring your own exercise mat. Please wear comfortable stretchy/loose clothing similar to that suitable for yoga.

The class is held in the Alex Moore Studio Upstairs