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Strictly Come Dancing has inspired a whole new generation of Ballroom Dancers and here at ACS we cater for all ages, children from 3 years to 18, and adults of all ages 18 plus! Ballroom is now the new "wine bar" where people of all ages can meet and socialize in a relaxed environment and share their love of dancing.

Ballroom covers 5 main dance disciplines, waltz, quickstep, tango, foxtrot and Viennese waltz with social rhythm also known as social foxtrot which can be danced to the same music as foxtrot or quickstep and even Tango. Latin American is usually studied along side.

At Anthony Clifford Studios there are classes to suit everyone, whether you wish to improve your technique for social activities, follow the amateur exam medal system or maybe aspire to become a competitive dancer or teacher of ballroom dancing. Children start in Baby classes from the age of 3 and progress through the medalist system. If children wish to compete at National or Friendly level, private lessons with their regular partner and individually need to be arranged each week in addition to group classes. Children's ballroom classes also take part in our regular production shows.

Please call to check which classes are available, but as with all our classes please phone or email to be sure if there is space available as we do run a waiting list scheme to stop our classes from over crowding.

For the adults there are classes for beginners to learn the basics. Then there are two improver and experienced evenings lasting for two hours which includes a lesson and a practice.

Go to the adult classes section to find out what classes and courses are currently available. Unlike the children's classes you should be able to just come along to any of the classes advertised and pay as you go. If in doubt give us a call anyway.


These are available in sessions of 30 minutes and upwards and are perfect for those wishing to learn at there own pace, whether faster or slower. You can learn a mixture of dances, do just one specific style, concentrate on your technique for exams or competitions. Many of our students have regular weekly slots, daytimes and weekend times are easy to arrange with some evening slots also available from time to time. Private lessons can be booked with any one of our teachers or competitive coaches at a time convenient to you, and can be shared with your partner or just on your own with your teacher.

Private lessons are booked in advance, and paid on the day to your teacher. So that we can rebook your slot your teacher will require at least 24 hours for a cancellation or the full amount will be charged for.

Please call the office to arrange a lesson.




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