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3&4 Year Old | 5&6 Year Old | 7&8 Year Old | 9 years plus | Drama & Singing

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3 and 4 Years Olds

We hold a variety of "Baby" classes for children of 3 & 4 years old in Ballet, Tap, Disco/Freestyle and Ballroom and Latin American or a "Combination" class with tap, ballet and modern. All classes have an emphasis on fun, developing natural movements through mime and song into dance movements, improving self-confidence, coordination and helping children make friends and learn how to take turns and share, as well as improving their communication skills.


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5 & 6 Year old Beginners /Pre-Primary

The Pre Primary classes are for 5 and 6 year old beginners in Ballet, Tap and Modern start to expand what has been learnt in the baby classes with more complex dance movements, helping develop body awareness and more precise dance techniques. Previously in the Baby Classes Ballet and Modern have been combined, however now in the Pre Primary classes subjects are studied in separate classes so the student can learn the fundamental differences between them.


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7 - 8 Year old beginners

Most of the classes now are 45 minutes long and again will expand on their existing knowledge. All classes now will be working for an examination in the relevant graded class as below. The Drama and Singing classes work towards shows and displays which are put on throughout the year.



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Ages 9 and above:


For ages 9 and above It's best to call as the rest of the classes are attended on ability rather than age so we will need to advise you.

For the Jazz classes you do need to be already at a certain level of modern and ballet to start, see Jazz section. Jazz is not suitable for complete beginners and must be taken in rotation, starting with Bronze then proceeding to silver and then gold.

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Drama and Singing Classes:


As a guide the Drama and Singing classes are for 7-18 years old.

Both classes must be taken together in addition to an existing dance class. All classes work on show work predominantly with non show term classes covering improvisation, to develop imagination, and script work as a group and as a monologues.

The Singing classes work on technique using warm-up exercises through to some basic reading of music.

It is compulsory fro students to already study some form of dance here at ACS, before starting Drama and Singing . Both drama and singing should be studied together. As well as our main shows, there are cabaret evenings for singing and musical productions for just the Drama and Singing Classes. Students and parents should realise the increased level of commitment required to be part of these classes, near to the shows there are daily rehearsals after the end of term for a full week up to the production. Theatre trips are organised periodically to go and see West end shows. This class only takes new members at certain times of year between shows, please inquire if interested.

For more information on the Drama and Singing classes click this link.



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