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What is disco/freestyle?

This is dance to popular music similar to the styles seen on pop videos by backing dancers. Unfortunately the word "disco" conjures up images of "John Travolta" pointing in the air in a white suit, but although this is the exact time that disco started, just like the music, disco has moved on and now "freestyle" is a more descriptive word for what actually goes on in a disco/freestyle class. Pop, hip hop, street and commercial jazz heavily influence in the styles now taught within a disco class and we don't limit the class to one particular style, which can only benefit the children making them more versatile dancers and the class structure more varied and exciting!

During the disco/freestyle class students are thoroughly warmed-up for safe dance practice with an aerobic type warm-up and freework steps such as turns and kicks from the corner. Students then learn routines and build a repertoire in order to take ISTD medalist exams. We also periodically cover rock'n'roll within this class, which starts at an easy social pace up to jitter-bug pace with some lifts. Competitions at both "Friendly" and ISTD medalist level take place throughout the year for those interested, as well as disco classes taking part in our main shows.

Disco/freestyle classes start at 3 years old in our 3&4 year old class (on Mondays) and progress to 5-6, 7-8 classes and then through the medalist levels. With all of our children's classes please call or email to check for availability and which class we recommend, as we do run a waiting list for some classes.



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