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ACS follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) Syllabus, taught during normal class work by our team of highly skilled and qualified teachers.

ISTD graded exams are government recognised and accredited by the QCA and are on the National Qualifications Framework. Exams can be quoted on UCAS applications and have point value up to 65 UCAS points for level 3 and 4 exams and teaching qualifications at level 4 have up to 92 higher education credits.

Graded examinations from Primary to Grade 6 and Intermediate to Advanced 2 usually require 1 year to 18 months to complete. A student ready to take their exam is selected, when appropriate by their class teacher and then they attend additional exam rehearsals to prepare them for their exams over 6 Sundays preceding their exam.

Disco, Ballroom and Latin exam candidates follow the ISTD medalist exam system from Under 6 tests through to social dance tests, prebronze, Bronze, silver, gold and gold stars. Again students are selected by their teacher when at the correct standard for their exam, most work can be covered for lower levels within regular class times. Children and adults can take medalist exams, adults would need to take regular private lessons.

Teacher training exams take place in regular classes for ex-professional dancers in Ballet, Tap and Modern or in private classes for Ballroom, Latin or Disco. In order to consider teacher training you should be of a professional level as a performer (probably at least Intermediate/ Advanced 1 level) or for Dances port be an advanced dancer (Gold star at least with preferably experience of partnering/dancing in the opposite role advisable) or perhaps competitive experience. Students would need to be at least 17 years of age, there is no upper age limit however the dancer would still need to demonstrate advanced movements correctly from a teaching perspective.

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