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Latin American dance is as popular today as when it was first bought to this country back in the 1930's. With the rhythms being popularized in the charts as well as Strictly Come Dancing, it has bought Latin American dancing to a new younger generation.

Latin American Covers five distinct Latin rhythms Chacha, rumba, samba, paso doblè and jive. There are also alternative latin rhythms which include mambo, Argentine tango and salsa.

We offer classes for both children and adults which cover all seven rhythms. Children follow the ISTD medalist system within their classes, those that wish to compete at "friendly" or National/medalist level take regular private lessons in addition to group classes, some with their regular partner and some on their own. All children's group classes take place in our production shows.

For Latin American we start children from baby class at the age of 3 and then progress through to adult level. With all of the children's classes please phone or email to see if there are actually spaces available. We do run a waiting list scheme for classes that are full.

For the adults, Latin American dancing is covered in our beginner and improver classes. For salsa, and Argentine Tango we run short courses for beginners on Thursdays. Salsa will cover various styles of Salsa such as Cuban, LA and New York.

Check the adult classes for times.



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