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Modern is very difficult to pigeon hole to a specific style, it can be jazz or contemporary based and uses a variety of modern music adapting and evolving with the ever changing fashions of dance in professional theatre. The grade system came into being to train dancers for the challenges of modern choreographers. The children's syllabus uses simple, everyday natural movements such as walking, running and skipping and builds these into contemporary dance movements, strengthening the entire body with structured exercises and dances. As with all our classes, modern dance has an emphasis on fun, artistry, self expression and the enjoyment of dancing to music. Modern dance prepares the body for becoming a professional theatre dancer, but we feel that ballet technique is essential for a good modern dancer to succeed and for this reason in order to take modern classes here at ACS, ballet classes are also compulsory.

A small amount of modern dance is integrated into our Baby Ballet class and combo classes and then it is studied separately when students move into the Pre-Primary classes.

Contact us by phone or email to check the availability of places in classes as some classes may be full with a waiting list in operation.


There are separate "boys only" classes in modern a well as the opportunity to use free weights under supervision in an additional training class with our mini gym. The boy's modern syllabus work recognises the need for masculinity in male dancing so the syllabus reflects this need with specific exercises that build upper body strength for later partnering and leg and core strength for all the jumps and leaps. All separate boys modern classes as well as the training class are currently taken by Mark, boys join the girls classes in certain grades.


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