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Angela Rippon OBE, as well as other industry professional judges awarded this years prize. We were delighted to again win the Vocational Dance School of the year for 2015 at the ceremony in Exeter and it was such a thrill to meet Angela Rippon herself, and discuss her love of all things Dance!


Yes we were extremely thrilled to be shortlisted for a third year running and received a third award , this time a Silver at a glittering Gala Ball held at the Mercure Hotel in Exeter.


When we were shortlisted again this year, we were surprised. This time the ceremony was in Exeter and there was no Blackpool Grand Finals straight after. The evening was again fantastic, food was excellent, and again the hospitality of Anne Walker and her staff made everyone feel very welcome.
Once again Wayne Sleep was presenting the prizes. The surprise on our faces when Anthony Clifford Studios was named For the second year running Vocational Dance School of the year 2013, didn't think it would be possible to win it twice. Even better, when we collected our trophy and prize I didn't embarrass myself by doing another Charleston with Wayne Sleep as I did last year (so camp).



Finding out that we were on the shortlist of eight other candidates for Dance School of the Year, was an honor in itself because we were amongst respected and long standing schools and institutions. When the letter arrived saying we had won one of the categories my gob had been smacked. Then we realised that the ceremony was the day before the Blackpool Grand Finals, in Torquay and we had to think was it possible to do both, we thought for around 10 seconds before saying to ourselves of course it was, its not everyday you get awarded Vocational Dance School of the Year! Our round trip from Romford to Torquay to Blackpool and back to Romford was 824 miles. Plus because of traffic we actually sat in the car for 18 hours. However it was all worth it and a huge thank you to Anne Walker MBE (founder and CEO of IDS) and all off her staff that made us feel so very welcome and valued (as customers). Congratulations to the three winners of the other categories. It was a fantastic night a great venue, good food, great music, it was just a shame that we had to leave so early, we managed 2 hours sleep before leaving Torquay at 3.00am to get to Blackpool for the first round at 8.30am!

We were presented with the prize by Wayne Sleep, which was a bit surreal because he was someone who had inspired us so much to become dancers (in the TV show called "Hot Shoe Show" back in the 80's), back then the show was a role model to all dancers and performers shame there is nothing like it now!

Been a fantastic year for us Exhibiting and performing at Move It, Diana winning the Imperial Award, our show Dance, Camera, Action! and now dance school of the year award here's to the next 20 years!

Mark Anthony Diana Clifford Wayne sleep dance school of the year 2012




I'm very proud to announce that the winner of the ISTD's Imperial Award for The Theatre Faculties 2013 was Diana Clifford, for services to the ISTD. When Paddy Hurlings, Artistic Director of the ISTD, called to tell Diana that she'd won this award, Diana was (in her words) "gob smacked". She was very honored to be considered for this award so early in her career, as so many of the great names of the dance world have won it in the past . In her speech Diana was keen to make sure that everyone who had contributed to the success of Anthony Clifford Studios over the last 19 years was thanked, her parents who have stood by us with support and advise, myself for, well, just being me, our children for putting up with the chaos that we live in most of the time, our fantastic team of teachers, and lastly to the parents and pupils of the school to whom we are immensely grateful. Mark Anthony

Diana Clifford Making speech Diana Clifford award Diana Clifford Imperial Award Diana receiving award


Move It 2015:

Thanks to all of you who came and spoke to us, we hope we were able to answer all of your questions, we will be back next year in March 2017.

Showcase Theatre - Pinball wizard Jazz dance choreographed by Mark with Latin and Ballroom

CDET Teachers Hub performance and demonstration stage Tap Improvisation by Joe

ISTD Area Competition Southend Photos

Blackpool Grand Finals weekend:

Brilliant weekend of competition, adults joined us for the first time this year and came away with several first places and many, many finalists! The whole ACS team were overjoyed with how everyone danced and you should be very proud of yourselves.
A big thank you to all parents for supporting their children and the school this weekend.
The photos are now on the Focal Point website.

Family Portraits, Portfolios, Photos in Costume and Live Show Photography

Focal Pointe Photography can take photos in dance wear, competition costume, or if requested a show costumes as well as family portraiture requests. These photos are great for presents, both as small prints or larger canvas wall portraits.
Interested parents or students please email me just to register your interest or book a portfolio shoot.
The photographic studio will be set up with a choice of background, and if you are getting ready for Junior Associate or dance college auditions, we can advise on technical dance poses for your portfolio.
All photos can be viewed and chosen on screen, or you can take away a contact sheet to help you choose.






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