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Cycle challenge for all.

Due to not using our full allocation of riders for the Prudential Ride London 2018, the places not used have been rolled over to this year.
For the Prudential Ride London 2019 we have 18 charity places, the ride is on Sunday 4th August, the places are for the 100 mile route.

Last year with the money raised, we were able to fund a full Boy's Scholarship for a year.

The lucky recipient was Corentin G. He is able to fund 9 Genres of dance for a full year, that is Ballet, Tap, Modern, Ballroom, Latin American, Jazz, Disco freestyle, drama and singing classes all free for a year.

All that was done with two riders, just think what we could do with all 18 places this year.

If you are interested please Email me on  acsride100@gmail.com I will reply with an application form. I will be quite happy to run some training rides if you are new to cycling or getting back into it, or I can put you in touch with a very friendly Cycling Club ( Romford Cycling Club) who run rides on Monday and Thursday evenings and Sunday rides. 100 miles seems a long way, it is, but it is very doable if you spend time in the saddle and build up your miles at a pace for you before the event.

We are asking for a minimum pledge of £250 for your fundraising, obviously with the generosity of your sponsors we hope you can raise more so we can fund more scholarships.

You can set up your fundraising page  using the Virgin Money Start fundraising button to the right. Sign up choose the event as Prudential ride 100 and choose your charity aas ACS Dance Centre. Good luck.

2019 Application Form


My name is Mark, started as an HGV Mechanic, but always had a passion for music and dance. Then one day a fellow mechanic gave me an advert and said "you should do this". Little did I know that advert would set me off on a career playing leading rolls in stage musicals, travelling the world and getting paid to entertain people; it never felt like a job it felt like vocation.
I met my wife Diana, dancing, and once we hung up our performing shoes, started ACS Dance Centre. We are now training the next generation of performers.
Less is being spent on the performing arts even schools are dropping music and performing arts subjects. The health benefits alone should be worth investment, plus the wider feel good factor of the millions of people who go and watch performances. If we don't invest in this grass root necessity, there won't be the quality out there to go and watch. 
My charity is trying to help that. Most things that require a skill set need time and money. My teacher invested more in me than I paid for, she is very proud of my achievements especially continuing the training of the next generation performer. I thank her for an amazing life, due to her forsight in seeing the potential in me and giving me the skills of performing arts, thank you Diane Millard (Walsall Academy of Dance)
large or small every penny will be appreciated and will help keep my legs turning.

Huge Thank you


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