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Free Boys Scholarship for a Year


We are offering a full scholarship to one boy for a year. Free group classes for a year (private lessons excluded) in all the children's classes available, potentialy that could mean up to 8 hours of free tuition per week.

The classes included are:

In  Dance:
Modern Dance, Tap, Jazz, Freestyle, Ballet, Ballroom and Latin American.

In Musical Theatre:
Drama and Singing.

The Auditions are held at our studios on Sunday 7th October (time is yet to be confirmed)

It will start with a brief talk about us and whats on offer, a tour of the studios, then a dance class (please wear sutable clothing and shoes). The class will consist of a warm up followed by a stretch and then a short dance routine in Jazz/ freestyle. Don't worry if you have never danced before, that's our job to assess your potential.

We would also like you to prepare either a song or a drama monologue to perform, again we are not expecting a finished product, but thought should be given to your choice.

If you choose to sing a song then a backing track, accapella or sing along to a cd is fine.

The auditions are open to boys only, between age of 5 to 16. Please register your interest by email to

Leaving your contact details, your sons details (name, age, experience if any, if they already attend a dance school)

If unsuccessful in getting the full scholarship, there are still part scholarships which might be awarded for individuals showing potential.

Check out our timetable for the full range of classes available. Please phone or email 



Because the tap syllabus is the same for girls and boys apart from style differences, there are no separate boys tap classes.



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