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Shows are are what learning to dance is all about!

We have two levels of show at ACS that we hope all pupils will choose to be part of.

The Junior students age 3- 9 year olds are encouraged to take part in our annual Christmas Display Shows. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to gain self confidence and for friends and family to see exactly what their children have been learning in class in a small less intimidating environment than a main theatre. The show is kept short so the youngest members of our school can learn their craft without being over tired and then they are experienced "pros" having taken part in many Christmas displays before being part of our more ambitious main productions.

The Seniors who have graduated into our Grade 1 and 2 classes and beyond are usually over the age of 8 years and take part in an ambitious Bi-annual main production show at a local theatre in April/May. There is significant commitment necessary for these shows from pupils and their families and regular attendance is compulsory with the majority of rehearsals taking place within normal class times. There are often additional classes throughout Easter holidays during a show year and also additional Dress rehearsals too the weekend before.

We are extremely proud of the professional standard of our shows and make no excuse for high expectations from the students taking part. Being part of the show teaches our students the importance of team work, dedication and hard work, as well as teaching them time management skills juggling classes with their school work. Although each year we cannot believe the standard has been bettered, it always surprises us and does!

Children hire the majority of their costumes from the school for the duration of a show, except for shoes and accessories, thus alleviating the financial burden on parents to buy expensive costumes which may only be worn once! If you would like to see what the shows look like, photographs of our past productions are available to view on our photo site see our home page for the link

ACS also took part in the first ever Dance Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, and offer it's students many other performance opportunities locally and nationally at charity events. If interested in our group appearing at your event please call the office.

Drama and singing students have additional shows and cabaret opportunities as well as main productions.

Show photos can be viewed on Focal Pointe Dance Photography

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